F-972 Regulator Station Upgrade Project

Area: Parker, CO

Contact Information

The project hotline and email are no longer monitored. Please contact Xcel Energy Customer Care at 800-895-4999 or at inquire@xcelenergy.com with any questions or comments.

This map is a graphic and may not show exact locations.

Project Information

We have upgraded an existing natural gas regulator station on the southwest corner of J Morgan Boulevard and Parker Road in Parker. We have also installed approximately 3,400 feet of new natural gas line along Parker Road, between J Morgan Boulevard and Stroh Road, and along Stroh Road, between Reata Ridge Drive and to the east of Preservation Trail. This project accommodates new development and meets increased demand for natural gas services.

This work is our commitment to system revitalization, allowing us to continue to provide you safe, reliable service. It also accommodates and supports growth and enhances resiliency during extreme cold weather.

Aug. 16, 2022

Construction activities are now completed. Restoration is ongoing. It was our pleasure to work in your community, and we thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Please note schedules are subject to change.

The regulator station was constructed on the existing regulator station site and includes the following aboveground equipment:

  • Regulator station, which controls natural gas pressure.
  • Solar-powered electronic pressure recorder.
  • Inlet and outlet fire valves.
  • Above ground natural gas line.
  • 6-foot security fence.

Public safety is at the foundation of all we do. The safety of the public around our natural gas system influences every decision we make.

If you ever suspect a natural gas leak, leave your home or business immediately. Once you are safely away, call 911, then Xcel Energy at 800-895-2999.

For information on our commitment to safety, please visit our Public Safety page.

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