Sartell Natural Gas Project

Area: Sartell, MN
Dates: September 2021 – Winter 2021

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Project Information

Friday, June 10, 2022

Final restoration activities have been completed following the end of construction in 2021.

It was our pleasure to work in your community. We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we constructed this essential natural gas line project.

We have installed two miles of natural gas line in Sartell.

This work is our commitment to system integrity, allowing continued safe, reliable service.

It will support community growth and enhance resiliency during extreme weather.

The contractor for the project is Q3 Contracting. Additional contractors also work on the project.

We will complete vegetation management activities, including tree removal where necessary, in some construction areas. We will restore vegetation in line with best practices for safety near underground utility lines.

We will install the line in two ways:

  • Open trenching involves digging a trench and placing the line in the trench.
  • Boring involves using a bore machine to create an underground pathway through which the line is pulled or drilled.

During construction, you may notice:

  • Marking of utility lines and utility survey holes.
  • Equipment and materials.
  • Road and sidewalk closures.
  • Traffic control.
  • Potential access changes.
  • Construction noise.

We work to reduce construction-related inconveniences and will temporarily restore work areas after line installation. Final restoration will occur when weather allows.

Construction started in September 2021 and was completed in December 2021.

We are completing final restoration activities, including paving and landscaping, when weather conditions allow. Restoration is expected to be completed in June.

Please note that schedules are subject to change.

Public safety is at the foundation of all we do. The safety of the public around our natural gas system influences every decision we make.

If you ever suspect a natural gas leak, leave your home or business immediately. Once you are safely away, call 911, then Xcel Energy at 800-895-2999.

For additional information or to submit questions and comments, call our project hotline at 833-637-2003 or email us at Info@XcelEnergySartellProject.com.

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